H2MS for Etsy

Power your store with a simple H2ms assimilation


Create an account on H2ms

First, You Create your H2ms account with easy steps and Sign up free to avail our best services

Connect your Etsy store

Connect your existing Etsy store or create a new one it’s up to you.

We will handle the remainder

Create and sell your custom designs, we handle printing and shipping to your customers.

Why choose Etsy?

“Etsy Economy”

Etsy has been a valuable platform for us to see the market, advance our craft, hone our skills,evolve our brand, and make adjustments to our future plans, with little or no overhead and risk. Attract more customers on Etsy and beyond with Promoted Listings and use free social media tools.It’s a creative marketplace where many people round the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique items.

Powerful Tools

Etsy is meant in order that anyone can use it.Use the Sell on Etsy App to manage
orders, edit listings, and answer buyers instantly, from anywhere.Many Etsy sellers praise how easy it’s to make both new shops and new product listings. Customization is restricted on the site, but template-style editing makes the process easier and more approachable.

 Seller Community

As the Etsy website tells you, “Community is that the heart of all we do at Etsy.”  it’s remarkable that Etsy has managed to retain and promote a healthy community of sellers who are able to answer any questions you would possibly have about fixing or marketing your products better, or maybe share stories as a seller. All of this is often done through community boards.

Secure Payments

You will be charged a listing fee of $0.20 USD for every item that you simply list purchasable on Etsy.com or Etsy’s mobile apps.you only pay transaction and payment processing fees once you make a sale.For items already listed on your Etsy shop, there are not any additional listing fees to list items on your Pattern site.

Keep in mind some Etsy limitations

Listing Fees

Etsy charges $0.20 for every published product.That’s why all products pushed from the H2MS platform are saved as drafts in Etsy – you would like to activate them.

Up to 10 images per listing

Any photo you’ve uploaded to your listing can be linked with any of your variations you’ll only link photos that are uploaded to a listing – the utmost number of listing photos you’ll add is 10.

No HTML editor functionality

The website editor is where you’ll customize the look and content on your website while product descriptions don’t have HTML editor in Etsy. You’ll be able to stylize your description only from the H2MS platform.

No size chart publishing

Etsy doesn’t allow to publish H2MS sizing chart. It needs to be added as one of the images.

One solution for all your Print on Demand needs

Custom product

Wanna customize your product? it’s easy,, Choose your Hoodie, T shirt, Sweatshirt, or whatever you want to customize, then upload your design on your product. Send us your design we will print it for you!

Mockup Generator

Create high quality mock-up design by using our Mockup generator. It’s easy, Choose your Hoodie, T shirt, Sweatshirt, or whatever you want to customize, then upload your design on your product. Publish your mockups with custom designs.

Global Print Provider network

By taking your business global, you get access to a way larger base of consumers . If your product or service could be a success, you’ll enjoy increased revenues from these new customers Our Network is worldwide and More than 90 printing facilities with all around world

Custom Import

When you want to create customized products by creating shopify listings you can easily personalize your products with custom input field and adjust your own design before sending to printing.

Merchant support

Need Merchant Support Service? We are providing best Support service. Our expert team handle order-related questions, other queries and assist you best way to sell more.

Guaranteed production time

Your amount are going to be refundable if the given time is exceed 10 working days.

Manual orders

We are allowing you to submit your order manually. Well that’s easy to do, just submit orders after that we’ll print your designs and then ship to your customers.

Shipping profiles

Create and reuse shipping profiles.you do not have to be compelled to create a new shipping profile for every product.


Connect your Etsy store

Personalized and sell items with your own design. We will manage fulfillment.